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What is the work platform? 

It is an equipment or a machine that is used mainly for reaching a higher height during work, where it is not possible to access the area particular height easily. In that crucial situation, to carry out the work with ease, there is a must-use of the work platformThere are different types of a working platform for different types of works, thus they have different use as well. In today’s era, there are more developing countries that are moving towards the construction of the buildings, in those. The situation, its use is compulsory to increase the mobility of the workers to reach one height to another with ease. 
The main purpose of them was to help the workers to work in such situations at a higher height level that was not easily accessible normally without its use. To make that happen, there were numerous equipment and machines that have made it happen and have transformed the work with ease. Not only this but due to it, the worker's efficiency was increased and the work was being carried out much faster as well with less wastage. 

What are the advantages of using the work platform?

  • It helps a person to reach a particular height with ease and is very convenient to use. 
  • They are very safe as well if the precautions are taken before using it. 
  • They can lift heavyweight which is not easy for a human to carry or lift. 

What are the disadvantages of using a work platform? 

  • It is risky for the workers if they fall or lose their balance. 
  • It requires proper training before using the work platform. 
  • It is expensive to buy the machine for using it for industrial and construction use. 
  • It can cause accidents if the machine is not stable or if the machine parts loosen. 
  • If the operator such as a worker has bad stability and handling, then the machine will not be in his control and changes can be of accidents to occur. 

What is the purpose of the work platform?

1. They are used to reach a certain level of height which is not easily accessed or is not easy to reach.
2. They have the convenience and can make our work easier. 

What is an elevated work platform?

The term “elevated” is what represents higher height working areas than most of the usual working places and they are situated at a higher height. It has a controlled mode for reaching the height that we want and it is more advanced. In better ways, it is a mechanism such as machinery which is adjustable and has various different levels of height and can be adjusted by our needs. They have customized settings for adjusting the height and helping us to reach the height. 

Tips for considering the safety of elevated work platform 

1.      Know how to operate all kinds of an elevated work platform 

·        Pre-Start scrutiny of the machine should be completed and therefore the results recorded within the machine logbook or instrumentation pre-start book before the task commencement. If the machine is found to be
  •  Faulty, then it shall be labeled “not to be used”.
·        Solely use the EWP for its selected purpose and inside it’s designed in operation limits of each reach and is capable of weight carry.
  • A spotter, who is EWP trained and competent to control the instrumentation is needed the least bit times.

2.    Handling and stability of elevating work platform 

  • The handling of the worker should be very steady in order to use it with stable movement which will reduce the chances of mishandling and accidents. 
  • The elevating machine should be updated and should be stable while being used in order to get the maximum efficiency in the work. 

3.    Use the proper tools and kit before starting the work

  • If the workers will not be provided with proper tools and kit, then there would be wastage inefficiency of the workers and will cause work to be delayed. 
  • If the workers do not have essential tools and kit which is required to perform the task, the chances will start to increase for the accident to occur. 

4.    Backup for safety 

  • If the workers are in a crucial situation such as falling down from the elevating machine, there should be a backup and safety for the workers which they can use to stay protected. 
  • If the worker's tools and kit are broken or their equipment is broken during the work, the workers should have an extra backup to carry with themselves which they can use in that crucial moment which will help them to enhance their efficiency.  

Tips for the safety of the work platform

·        Check that the joints of the work platform are tightly fastened and don't seem to be loose, because it may end up in misbalance and may cause collide an individual and can be terribly dangerous to use.
·        Before you employ it, you wish to create positive that it's sturdy enough to elevate your weight and can not end in overweight in lifting.
·        For extra safety, you wish to tie yourself with a rope so though you fall, you may still, be safe from falling.
·        It ought to be stable enough before you'll be able to begin to an operator to work to manage it as if it's not stable and isn't beneath your control, then it'll cause terribly tough in victimization it.
·        The one who is victimization it ought to have an honest hand grip for dominant the work platform and apprehend the correct measurements for it.

How can a work platform be more effective and efficient? 

·        Use the reliable and updated version of the work platform
·        You should know how to operate it very well.
·        A person should have experience in handling and balancing it for effective and efficient use. 
·        A person should know how to use the machine very well before operating it.
·        Before you go on work, test the machine as a trial and workers can know if it is good enough to be used. 

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