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Steadfast and most reliable packaging solution provider, we at PACKAGES INSIDER believe in high quality and high-end products, our process is simple and flexible, we provide wholesale custom printed boxes and custom packaging solutions online.

Looks do matter! The glamour from media is not just limited to personalities now. Your target market now aims for products that are packaged in a way that they can be used for multi-purposes or are fabulous to look it. Even 7/PS of textbook marketing are incomplete without the “P” for packaging. To have a high quality custom packaging delivered to your door step that suits all your business needs in an extremely economical way is just a call away at PACKAGES INSIDER! We are proud of our 3 “ES” embedded deep in our core value – efficient, effective and empathetic.

At PACKAGES INSIDER, We consider ourselves to be an integral part of your product and hence business success. We own the responsibility of providing you with reliable packaging, custom suited to not only match your product but also the perception of your target market. These customized boxes ensure your target market feels special and heard rather than just another number in our units sold. Our commitment to ensuring the success of your product and working hard until our customers are 100% satisfied is what makes us the market leader when it comes to providing custom solutions to all your packaging needs.

Our team of creative designers doesn’t stop innovating and collaborate extensively with you. We are bent upon understanding your business, your market, your vision so that it all translates in your packaging for your customer. As you may have noticed, it IS all about YOU. Just like you, your business is unique, your products are unique, so why should your packaging be something ordinary?

We are driven by customization and centered upon Innovation!

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PACKAGES INSIDER is a short run packaging expert brand, we specialize in custom printed boxes, custom packaging and carton making. It is the best brand available online to cater your small batch packaging needs. For us, our customers come first; we provide high level products that include house prepress services, plate making, UV coating, embossing and also windowing capabilities.

First Point of Communication with Custom Printed Boxes

Like They Say – First impression is the last impression. Your packaging is the first mode of communication and also the first communication between you and your end user. It is important for your packaging to talk to your buyer in a way that it turns them into long-term customers. These custom printed boxes can serve as a message to your customer, placing your product in their mind, imprinting your brand in their mind making you stand out from your competition and also create an excitement for them to open the packaging and see the product inside. We have created numerous custom printed boxes with our clients, helping them in getting their brand message across.

Add Personality to Your Product with Custom Boxes

Have you ever seen people who keep hold of the packaging believing it can be used later for other purposes? That is a constant placement of your product in their mind. According to research, more than 70% of the time, customers purchase the same brand as a reflex. Some people keep their boxes because they can be used again (your cooking oil bottles that can be refilled with pouches), some because the packaging is highly customized and serves other purposes (the cat-eye makeup packaging allowing women to make perfect cat-eyes with the custom packaging created – sales boosted for the brand) and others simply because the packaging is too handsome to be thrown out.

We design your custom prints and packaging with you, develop them in the most efficient manner that is eco-friendly as well and aim to ship them to you so that it may reach you in the time-frame you need it to.

These are all personalities that are present just within your custom boxes. At PACKAGING INSIDER we understand which personality can be best suited for your brand, for instances in the examples mentioned above the oil bottle would be a reliable and trustworthy packaging, the eye make-up kit would be a friendly personality – there when you need it and the last would be glamorous.

Kill Two Birds with Custom Packaging – In fact Three!

The main reason behind custom packaging isn't just to upgrade the product, but also to secure the product and hence your and your customer’s investment. Our designers are also mini structural engineers, carefully evaluating your products need for security so that the custom packaging can provide your product with the protection it requires. Furthermore, our designers also work untiringly to introduce user-friendliness to your product.

You Imagine – We create. No, we are not God! We just listen to you. We implore our customers to connect with us and talk to us as much as possible in order to ensure the end product created is in synchronization with their plans and design needs.

  • We do not compromise on our quality.

  • An easy guideline is provided online where customer’s queries are answered quickly.

  • We provide best custom printed boxes facility that includes custom packing options.

  • Our process is convenient and free from hazardous procedures.

  • We have dedicated team that is responsive to customers.

  • Innovation and creativity bring success for our customers.

In this fast pace of growing industry, for small business owners, graphic designers and print shop producers are struggling and dedicating their hard work to their clients in order to help them grow their business.

We not only offer a customized printed box with custom packaging we add our love, dedication and sheer hard work in them that is the core for the success of a business. We are an established expert in short-run packaging by providing innovation and creativity in all the dimensions and arena of your business. We hold record of our proven success that helps our customers in achieving success in this competitive business world.

Process of Creating Your Custom Boxes

Having a custom packaging for your product is an exciting process. You have an idea of what the packaging should look like – that is the first and hardest step that you have already taken. Whether it’s a logo printing, graffiti print, custom sized boxes, animations on the front or the back of your box, custom lid opening or side opening – bring us your idea and we will start with the next step of manifesting this idea in to a proper design. Once the design is shared with you and has been approved, we move on to the next step. Using our start of the art technology, we start with the development of these custom boxes, giving them custom prints if required as well.

Quality above Everything Else!

No one understands the technicalities behind packaging like we do. Our experts analyze the kind of inks to be used in your custom printed packaging (mostly permanent is used unless specified by you otherwise), manage the colors used to match your desired gloss or matte finish. We ensure that all custom boxes are of exactly the same size, shipping it you free of cost only after the packaging passes our examinations.

If you want to SUCCEED, PACKAGES INSIDER is the right place to be, we turn DREAMS into REALITY.



WHY Custom Printed Boxes and Packaging should be YOUR FIRST CHOICE?

According to our research, customers using products that are custom packaged so that it may ensure security for their investment and allow for user ease when opening or using the product tend to become brand loyal and walking ambassadors. We at Packages Insider promise to deliver looks, security and ease to your custom boxes.